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Daily Essential Liposomal Liquid Shot

£45.00 £54.00

An all-in-one adaptogenic, botanical, vitamin and mineral elixir, formulated to squash those symptoms, unlock your superpowers and feel incredible.

  • Supports hormone regulation, anxiety, energy, focus & immunity.
  • 11 active nutrients. 76 health benefits.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • 46x more bioavailable - more effective reaching the bloodstream
  • Convenient and targeted delivery system. One shot daily.

Use once a day, every day.

Nutrient deficiencies are often the root cause of hormonal imbalances. Our liquid has 11 active nutrients, carefully selected to work synergistically to deliver powerful results that your body will benefit from both psychologically and physiologically. An all-in-one brain and body supplement. Your Daily Essential.

Best taken daily over a minimum of 3 months for powerful holistic benefits.

Daily Essential Liposomal Liquid Shot

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